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hey im dan!

My real name is Daniel, but out of all the nicknames for Daniel, Dan seems the most fitting for me. I've been doing multi-media design for the past 9 years starting in 8th grade middle school. Design has always been a passion of mine due to my obsession with anything creative since I was a young boy. I'm a recovering introvert becoming more extroverted as the years go by. For the last bit, I like to say I'm a jack of all design skills but a master of the one that needs to be accomplished!

i like stuff

I have liked everything ever since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I expanded out into different hobbies, games, and events. Considering being stuck inside I became a lot more social, learning how to talk more compared to my high school counterpart. Overall I've improved and it is thanks to actually trying new things.

As a kid, I’ve loved motorcycles and firefighters with all my heart and that led me to who I am today. My goals in life are to truly become a great designer in many fields and to become a firefighter and give back to the community I've grown up with.

future life/goals

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